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Leaving your business in safe hands and secure the retirement you deserve.

As a business owner, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your retirements plans.
Whether you want time to relax after working hard for years, more opportunity to travel, precious time with grandchildren and other loved ones or pursuing new and old interests with your increased leisure time, retirement holds many benefits.

We also know the difficulties that business owners find approaching retirement. What will the future of the business be? How will I safeguard the livelihood of staff and colleagues?

Our mission at AGR is to simplify the retirement process by working with suitable business owners on their exit plan. Together we’ll set plans for the future of the business and give you the security to enjoy your retirement.


Leave your business in safe hands

Our team are experienced in all stages and types of businesses. We have seen startups and exits, working at regional independent companies and multinationals. We understand that people are the lifeblood of any business success.

The process

After you have made contact, we will schedule a brief conversation in order for everyone to get to know each other, how we work and learn more about your business. If we are on the same page from here, we plan to meet up and discuss things in greater depth.  At this point, if both parties are happy we can decide if we are want to move ahead before involving our legal and accountancy teams to complete the deal.

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Retire quickly with minimum fuss

There are many reasons why you may want to retire quickly: health reasons, wanting a better quality of life or the urge for a new change of direction. If you have an immediate need to sell your business, we have an experienced team to get the best deal for all involved in the quickest possible time. Call for a confidential conversation.


Flexible solutions

We are open to discussing all possible solutions to your exit. Whether that is your immediate departure or a staged exit, all options are on the table that suits the needs of both parties.


Watch the culture you have built and people you have bought together continue to grow.

This represents an integral part of your financial investment strategy and should not be overlooked. I have the extensive knowledge and experience you need when planning for your trading success and I’m here to help you. Get in touch and find out how I can tailor my approach to meet your needs.

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AGR Acquisitions, Locke Williams, Blackthorn House, St Pauls Square, Birmingham B3 1RL

0121 582 2310

Thank you for submitting. We will be in contact soon.

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The Team

As a seasoned Business Owner, Luke Jackson is the driving force behind AGR. Luke sold his own business in 2016 and completed a successful 2 year handover period. Having seen first hand the difficulty his father faced when looking to retire with small business, Luke decided to create a venture that will provide a win-win partnership. 
He is assisted by a team of administrators, finance, legal and technology specialists.

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